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A burning permit is required for all open burns except for recreational fires within a 3-foot by 3-foot area and setback 20 feet from any structure. Recreational fires are limited to dry, clean wood that is unpainted or untreated including cordwood, branches, limbs, twigs dimensional lumber cut into lengths not longer than three feet.

A burning permit may be obtained at the Baldwin Town Hall or with a Baldwin Township Fire Warden free of charge.


Or you can apply for a permit through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website at for a $5.00 annual fee.

Once a burning permit has been issued, it is the permit holder's responsibility to confirm that no burning ban is in effect prior to starting an open burn or recreational fire and the permit holder must be constantly in attendance of the fire. No fire may be allowed to smolder with no person in attendance and the open burn or recreational fire must be completely extinguished before the permit holder leaves the site.

You do not need an open burning permit when the ground is completely covered by a minimum of 3 inches of snow.

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